If you are serious about translation, use the convenience add-ons that are available for Doc³ to increase productivity and raise translation quality.

The add-ons are paid options available as subscriptions at very modest rates.

If you subscribe to several add-ons, they will be grouped and only one fee will be charged per month.

Doc3 ™ Add-ons

Doc3 ™ add-ons are paid options in the Doc3 ™ CAT tool that increase productivity and raise translation quality. 

If you are serious about translation, you should subscribe to these convenience add-ons offered at very modest rates. All add-ons have been tightly integrated with the main application to work seamlessly, including use that involves multiple add-ons.

You can also enjoy a private cloud space, an affordable MT engine, as well as real-time QA including use of style guides. Run detailed checks on your projects with a state-of-the-art QA engine and document it to your clients with the CrossCheck seal of quality.

Private Cloud Storage Add-on

With a cloud account in Doc3 ™, you get your own private storage. There you can store e.g. often-used settings, glossaries, or translation memories.

A private cloud account lets you save time when setting up new projects. You also get access to convenient tools, e.g. to query previously translated material (coming soon).

With a cloud account, you can therefore run several projects in parallel. This is undoubtfully useful if you need to deliver smaller projects on a daily basis while working on other bigger projects at the same time.

Doc3 ™ MT Engine Add-on

Instead of typing text when you translate, why not use machine translation to speed up typing and simply edit the text proposals you get?

The Doc3 ™ Machine Translation Add-on can offer good help, but beware that you should always edit the text proposals to make sure the text reads well and is a correct translation that suits the subject matter. Two options are available: Doc3 ™ MT engine and commercial MT engines.

Commercial, public MT engines – Free API

We currently support Google, Bing, and DeepL neural MT engines. You can connect to these engines if your own have private account, in which case you need to enter your API key in your account settings in Doc3 ™.

Doc3 ™ MT engine $6/month, with unlimited use option*

The Doc3 ™ MT engine is an inhouse developed tech-based machine translation engine. 

It covers 20+ European languages, namely Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. 

Importantly, The Doc3 ™ MT engine is not hosted in the public domain. It is especially suitable for light to medium technical subject matters. Use up to 50,000 words, and the cost is $6/m. If you are highly productive, go for $12/m for unlimited use of this neural TM.

Real-time Translation QA Add-on

The QA add-on for Doc3 ™ is CrossCheck®. This solution checks translated text that you submit segment by segment for numerous issues, e.g. from incorrect digits and numbers, missing or wrong symbols and punctuation to double words, source leftovers and inconsistent text.

With this Add-on subscription, you can choose from 3 standard checking profiles that cover 60+ specific checks.

If you work with glossaries, CrossCheck® can also check whether glossary terms have been used and will warn you of wrong or missing terms.

Furthermore, with this add-on you can issue a CrossCheck® certificate for each project you deliver to your client as proof of active QA on your project.

Equally important, state your CrossCheck QA efforts in your CV to promote yourself and stand out in selection processes.

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