New Doc3 CAT tool updates to boost your translation workflow

We are excited to announce the latest updates to the Doc3 CAT tool, aimed at significantly improving your translation process. Here is an overview of the key enhancements:

Improved Document Segmentation on Input

Our advanced segmentation methods and filters ensure that almost all input documents, regardless of format, are now correctly segmented. This enhancement minimizes the volume of un-segmentable or incorrectly segmented texts, streamlining your workflow.

Enhanced Language Encoding Management

Doc3 now verifies that the languages in your input files align with each other and the user-provided language specifications. It can handle non-standard language codes often used in other CAT and word processing tools by utilizing the ISO-639 standard (similar to SDL Trados). If translation memories, glossaries, or other inputs do not contain the required language pairs for your project, Doc3 detects this issue and guides you to correct it quickly and easily. An interactive wizard resolves any detected incompatibilities, ensuring the correct language pairs are always used for your projects.

Full Integration with CrossCheck® – A Real-Time QA Service

This integration provides real-time checking of your translation projects. Additionally, the full CrossCheck® service available at can be used to check entire translation memories (TMs) and glossaries by Doc3 subscribers. Doc3 users on the 1-month free trial automatically get a 1-month free use of the CrossCheck® real-time QA service, while Doc3 subscribers receive free access to the full CrossCheck® service. Just like all CrossCheck® users, Doc3 users can also benefit from the CrossCheck® Seal, providing existing and potential clients with proof of active Quality Assurance in all their translation projects.

These updates are designed to make your translation tasks more efficient and accurate, helping you meet client expectations.

Try it out today and experience the improvements firsthand!

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