If you are serious about translation, use the convenience add-ons that are available for Doc³ to increase productivity and raise translation quality.

The add-ons are paid options available as subscriptions at very modest rates.

If you subscribe to several add-ons, they will be grouped and only one fee will be charged per month.

Doc3 ™ Pro

Doc3 Pro is a single low-cost subscription plan that covers everything you will ever need for professional translation.  For just $15/month, you get:
  • Private Cloud Space,
  • Proprietary Neural MT for 20+ Languages geared at tech and general translation, and API connectors to popular public machine translation platforms,
  • Real-time Quality Assurance, incl. Style Guides that run while you translate,
  • Translation Memory Management for powerful online handling of your TM resources, including copy, delete, merge, and segment editing
In short, the Doc3 Pro subscription provides you with everything you will ever need if translation is your career path.

Private Cloud Storage

With your own private storage, you can store often-used settings, glossaries, or translation memories.

You can save all your past projects in your private cloud account to save time when setting up new projects. You also get access to convenient tools, e.g. to query previously translated material.

Thanks to your cloud account, you can run several projects in parallel. This is undoubtfully useful if you need to deliver smaller projects on a daily basis while working on other bigger projects at the same time.

Doc3 MT Engine ™

Instead of typing all text when you translate, why not use machine translation to speed up typing and simply edit the text proposals you get?

The Doc3 Machine Translation feature can offer good help, but beware that you should always edit the text proposals to make sure the text reads well and is a correct