To most users who are not full-time translators, free use is likely the most imprtant feature. And we intent to keep it this way going forward.

If you are serious about translation, use the convenience add-ons that are available for Doc³ to increase productivity and raise translation quality.

All add-ons have been tightly integrated with the main application to work seemlessly, including use that involves multiple add-ons.

Every add-on purchased adds up to the monthly subscription fee.

Doc3 Features

Doc3 features everything professional translators need to deliver highly accurate translation. It is compatible with all standard translation file formats and supports translation from and into any language.

You can rely on an efficient pre-translation process, support of translation memories and glossaries, as well as flexible import and export of data.

Doc3 is a free CAT tool and we intend to keep it this way. However, if you are serious about translation, you can opt for Doc3 Pro – a low-cost subscription package that includes everything you will need as a professional to increase productivity and raise translation quality.

Translation in Any Language

Use the free Doc3 CAT tool to translate projects from any language into any other language.

It uses your browser’s inbuilt spellchecker to ensure what you type is neat and readable.

Translate Projects With
Any Standard File Format

As standard, the free Doc3 version supports these file formats:

Microsoft® Office (except Publisher)
Adobe® InDesign® (.idml)
Adobe® FrameMaker® (.mif)
Trados packages and xliff files
MemoQ packages and xlm files
Most common .xlm and .xliff formats

We will add other file types upon request.

Pre-translation process

First, the whole project is tested for file integrity to ensure all files can be properly processed.

If everything checks out, the files are then converted and segmented in the Doc3 system. The source files in Doc3 are pre-translated against your translation memories and your glossary is applied. 

(Optionally, you can select to use machine translation for text segments that were not pre-translated against the memory.)

Translation Resources:
TM and Glossary Upload

If your project involves translation memories and/or glossaries, you can load these without problem when you set up your project. Text proposals will be readily presented from your resources while you translate.

Any similar text segments will be presented to you so you can keep your translation consistent, repeating segments and 100% identical matches can be easily identified, and you can even lock 100% identical matches.

Easy Export And Import of text

To set up a project, upload your source files and all supporting files like memories and glossaries 

Once set up, you will be able to see the project scope as number of words, characters, etc.

When you are finished with the translation, easily export the translated text back to its original format. You also get a new memory file. 

Free CAT Tool
For Professional Translators